With approx. 60 employees, Kiwa Teknologisk Institutt is the country's largest calibration supplier.

The industry imposes on its partners and suppliers growing demands for accuracy, precision and deliverability. Kiwa TI is an accredited pursuant to EN-ISO/IEC 17025, and has provided accurate measurements to the industry over several decades.

On-site calibration

In addition to our large, well-equipped laboratories, we also have smaller mobile laboratories on the road all year round. Our service allows your company to save valuable time due to less downtime on instruments and systems, and reduced transport wear and tear on equipment.

Our services:

Electrical calibration (HF/LF)

Accredited and traceable calibration of electrical equipment and instruments.

Calibration of Fibre Optics

We perform traceable calibration of fiber optic equipment.

Calibration of temperature

Calibration of measuring equipment
(-75 °C to 1 200 °C).

Calibration of equipment used in process industry.

Calibration of equipment used in process industry.

Calibration of mechanical equipment

Accredited and traceable calibration of mechanical equipment.

Fluke & JDSU service

Service partner for FLUKE and JDSU.

Counseling and training within calibration

Consulting and training in calibration


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We're always on the look-out for new employees, both graduates and professionally experienced, who can strengthen our academic, technical and commercial development.