Water technology

Norway is privileged to have abundant supply of water for use in its numerous industrial and domestic applications. But many challenges related to water treatment, both in Norway and in other parts of the world, still exist. Our water technology team specialises in solving water related issues in many different sectors.

Water quality legislations and demands are very strict both for drinking water, and water used in food production. The regulations applied to waste water discharge are also becoming increasingly stringent. Due to pollution and climate change, the water quality of our fresh water sources is diminishing noticeably, leading to increased demands in relation to water and waste water treatment. TI participates in both consulting and the development of water treatment solutions.

Water quality in aquaculture

Although the availability of fresh water in Norway is better than in most other countries, several smolt farms in Norway experience limited access to water. In addition, improving the water quality is always an important issue for both hatcheries and on-growing facilities. To increase production and improve fish health, there is a need for water recirculation and increased treatment of water. The Water Technology Team at TI has participated in several development projects* within the field of recirculation and improved water quality in land-based aquaculture. Waste water treatment from aquaculture facilities will be regulated more strictly in the future and the TI water technology team is ready to assist through the development and application of identified solutions relevant for each spesific scenario.

Product development

  • Development of innovative products in cooperation with industrial partners.
  • Expertise with national and international solutions for financing of research and development projects.

Water and Waste water consulting services

  • Selection of treatment processes and solutions
  • Design of processes
  • Development of processes
  • Process optimisation

Examples of consulting within water and waste water treatment:

  • Design and operation of granular filters using expanded clay aggregates (Filtralite), for water and wastewater treatment.
  • Small scale on-site waste water treatment plants: engineering and construction management.
  • Aquaculture: water saving in the aquaculture sector, financed by the Norwegian government.
  • Establishment of a water training centre in the Hunan Province, Peoples Republic of China (pilot project).


We assist companies in establishing international networks within the water and water treatment sectors. Companies participating in our network-based product development projects strengthen their European networks for increased commercial utilisation.

Transfer of technology

TI provide industrial-related expertise in solving water and wastewater issues and provide a number of courses in these areas.

Examples of EU funded development projects in land-based aquaculture

  • IntelFishTank- The development of an “intelligent fish tank” for cost effective aquaculture through control of water quality in each different fish tank in an aquaculture plant
  • AquaDeGas – The development of a cost effective and efficient degassing and aeration method to remove carbon dioxide and nitrogen in intensive aquaculture
  • Adapond- The development of an in-house collection, storage and application of adaptive bacteria culture for biofilters in fishfarms

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