Surface treatment

Correct surface treatment is critical, especially for high-value products. Appropiate selection of process, materials and corrosion-resistant paint and coatings is an essential factor for achivment of health and environment performance.

We offer the following services:

  • Surface treatment inspection
  • Choice of corrosion-resistant paint and coatings
  • Testing of paint and coatings
  • Failure analyses

Training [FROSIO certification, Customized courses]

In accommodating your particular requirements, Kiwa Teknologisk Institutt offers customized courses within Surface Treatment, as in all our other specialist fields. Please do not hesitate to contact us for information concerning our customized courses.

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Surface treatment

  • Quality control of preparatory work and application of paint and coatings
  • Training of FROSIO inspectors in accordance with NS 476
  • Pre-acceptance of operators and procedures within painting, thermal spraying and passive fire protection for the oil industry (NORSOK M-501)

Choice of corrosion-resistant paint and coatings

  • Advice on selection of materials, paint and coatings
  • Preparation of specifications and requirements for preparatory work and application of coatings

Testing of paint and coatings

We carry out testing in accordance with national and international testing methods and customise testing methods and programmes to customers’ requirements:

  • Acceptance of painting systems in relation to specific requirements (NORSOK M-501 etc.)
  • Physical properties (dry substance content, drying time etc.)
  • Mechanical properties (adhesion, wear, lustre etc.)
  • Durability testing (water, salt mists, condensation, chemicals, UV radiation etc.)
  • Identification/“fingerprinting” of products

Failure analyses

  • Damage inspections
  • Chemical and physical analysis
  • Improvement measures
  • Alternative materials

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