FROSIO Insulation Training Course

FROSIO Insulation is developed in cooperation with Statoil, the Norwegian insulation contractors, FROSIO and Kiwa Teknologisk Institutt. The goal was to establish a certification arrangement for the inspection of technical insulation similar to the one existing for surface treatment inspectors according to NS 476.

FROSIO Insulation – a course leading to the approval and certification of inspectors of technical insulation for the oil and gas industry

Upcoming FROSIO Insulation courses

Country/City: Year: Course date:
Bergen, Norway (Norwegian) 2018 June 11th - 22nd
Seoul, South-Korea (English) 2018 June 27th - July 6th
Krakow, Poland (English) 2018 November 13th - 23rd


The duration of the course is 10 days where 8 days are training, both theoretical and practical, and 2 days are examination. The course is based on the curriculum approved by FROSIO, and the subjects are divided into the following modules:

  • Insulation theory and the different insulation classes (8 hours)
  • Paint, materials and corrosion (5 hours)
  • Insulation and accessories (7 hours)
  • Jacketing (3 hours)
  • Execution of insulation (16 hours)
  • Requirements with regards to installation (6 hours)
  • Standards, specifications, procedures and certificates (16 hours)
  • The duties of an inspector and how to perform inspections (7 hours)
  • Health, safety and environment (4 hours)
  • Theoretical and practical examination (4 + 4 hours)

The course is conducted as a mixture of lectures, group work, practical training and homework.

Price: 3 850 Euro

Learning goals

After the course you shall be able to perform inspections of insulation throughout all phases of the work.

Before the insulation work starts you must be able to:

  • Understand the information found on applicable drawings and the accompanying IPS (Insulation Procedure Specification)
  • Assess the surface to be insulated with regards to surface preparation and corrosion protection

During the insulation work you must be able to:

  • Evaluate if the insulation work is being performed according the applicable standards and the approved IPS
  • Understand where it is important to perform inspections with regards to water traps and the possibility of wet insulation
  • Evaluate health-, environment and safety aspects

After the inspection you must be able to:

  • Report your results from the inspections and have knowledge of how to handle non-conformances
  • Contribute to solutions with regards to repairs and how to improve the insulation performance


The exam consists of 2 parts; one practical part (4 hours) and one theoretical part (4 hours). If the number of students exceeds 15, the exam must be conducted over 2 days. The practical examination will be conducted on the first day and the theoretical examination on the second day.

FROSIO will correct the examination papers and after passing both examinations they will issue a certificate level I, II or III depending upon your experience.

Inspector candidate certificate level I

Candidates who either have no relevant experience or have not yet achieved the experience required for inspector level II.

Inspector certificate level II

Candidates who have minimum 2 years of relevant experience.

Inspector certificate level III

Candidates who have at least 3 years of relevant experience in addition to the 2 years required for level II, whereof minimum 2 years are documented inspection experience.
Experience may also be obtained after the examination.

Relevant experience

Production, planning and execution of insulation work.

For more information please contact Hege Krogh at or +47 982 90 270.


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